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Chez Lorette, we understand that the fit of your lingerie is everything. Wether you are curious about your size, or unsure what style is best for you, we are here to guide you. We offer complimentary online fitting appointments directly with Laure, the designer and founder of Lorette, to make sure that you feel both comfortable and confident in your Lorette every time.

How Personal Fit Appointments work: Our sessions are 20 minutes long. You will be connected one-to-one with Laure who will find you the perfect fit for your body and will answer any questions you have about sizing, style and feel – please feel free to ask away!

What you need: A soft measuring tape and a private space. There is no need to undress and you may remain fully clothed. At no point will you be braless!! You can also share with us your favourite bra from another brand and we can compare sizes together.

How to book a fitting: Click the link below to schedule an appointment. Laure will get back to you to confirm date and time and see if you have any questions prior to your book in.

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