Our Story



Founded in 2017 by Parisian designer, Laure Stromboni, Lorette builds an elegant lingerie wardrobe inspired by Laure's French heritage where expertise in craftsmanship, materials and details are at the centre of the brand.

By carefully crafting pieces that align the body with the mind and the heart, Lorette invites women to connect with their individual sensuality, freeing themselves from any paralyzing fashion standards around them. The Lorette woman instead revels in her unique feminine expression and self-confidence.

Our embroideries are designed in house as well as through collaboration with multiple female illustrators and designers. Each embroidery is carefully chosen to represent symbols, concepts and archetypes that can awaken comprehension and intuitive perception of ourselves. By showcasing universal embroidered designs, women are able to create their own interpretations of how their lingerie matches their emotions, needs, and identity as they choose to define it.

"J'accepte la grande aventure d'être moi" 
Simone de Beauvoir

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