Lorette Lingerie by Ping Hatta

Lorette Lingerie by Ping Hatta

Ping is a Thai fashion illustrator and lingerie designer living in New York City. Since Lorette launched, the brand has aspired to create a strong and safe space for female artists, inspiring them to tell their own story of womanhood. 

Ping's whimsical illustrations reflect the artist’s ongoing commitment to send a positive message about the body and ethnic diversity, still lacking in the fashion industry. 

For this collaboration Ping worked on a new gouache series about self care and summer, featuring our new Chance Panties. The series features women lounging among pink moons, sunshine, exotic places and plants...her teasing on social media weeks before was so exciting!

lorette lingerie ping hatta


L: Tell us about your art, and your process/technique?

I am inspired by fashion, travel, and culture. My works are about using art as escapism while representing beauty in diversity and body positivity. My style has always been about irony. I've always drawn to the dichotomies: between contemporary street-art versus impressionism, between soft shapes and strong, loud colors. I find the two opposites intriguing, odd, and somehow, they can coexist together. I work across different mediums from gouache, textiles, linocut printmaking, and my recent favorite: pastels.


lorette lingerie ping hatta 

L: A question we ask every #lorettegirl is: how do you connect with yourself? Do you have a ritual before starting a painting or illustration to reach inside yourself for inspiration or is the medium of painting itself what's enabling that self-connection?

P: Art is a way to connect and express my alter-ego, and the painting process is like going on a date and flirting with creativity, inviting him (or her) to play with me. I would put on perfume and paint while listening to Pink Martini or Cuban salsa.

 lorette lingerie ping hatta

L: Your female characters are really strong, yet very sensual. How do you explore sensuality and what does it mean to you?

P: I explore sensuality through my day-to-day routine and my creativity. It's the pleasure derived from simple things in life. For example, I love how my pastels feel and smell when I rub them against a smooth, bristol paper. The sound of brush strokes on watercolor paper is oddly satisfying. When I'm free and it's nice outside, I like to go to Washington Square Park to watch and draw people. Before leaving my house, I would wear a specific perfume scent and a shade of red lipstick that reflects the weather on that day. The park has everything in one place. The creamy smell of blooming magnolia. The way a soft breeze feels on my face. I love listening to birds chirping, people talking, live jazz bands on some days or (even better), a classical tune from "The Crazy Piano Guy" who occasionally drags his grand Yamaha piano to play in the middle of the park. (Yes! A grand piano!).

lorette lingerie ping hatta

L: What was your interpretation of the Lorette girl in your painting?

P: Lorette girls are care-free, fun-loving, and mysterious. Despite all this, she is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Thank you Ping for sharing your vision and inspiring us! 💘

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